How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

Got a crack on your laptop screen? Well, that’s terrible news. You might have dropped it on the floor, or you may have stepped on it for all the odd reasons, but whatever the issue is, there’s good news that your laptop screen can be fixed again. And I hope that you’ll be pleased to know that you can fix it on your own. 

Laptop screens are made of Liquid Crystal Display; that’s why they’re quite fragile and easily damaged if mishandled. Apart from external damage, your laptop screen can also be dysfunctional due to any internal damage.

Anyway, we’ll discuss all of that right here, so make sure to stick by till the end.

How To Detect If There's Internal Damage To The Laptop?

So you know that your laptop’s screen has been cracked but what if the display doesn’t work even after fixing that crack? That may happen in cases where the hardware, cable, motherboard, or graphics card of the laptop is also damaged. 

There are two effortless ways to detect that internal damage, and I recommend you do that check because you wouldn’t want to replace the screen and still end up with a non-functional display.

  1. Get an HDMI cable and connect the laptop to an external monitor with the help of the cable. If the display on the external monitor is working fine, you don’t need to worry about the laptop’s hardware. On the contrary, if you see any errors on the screen/display, then, of course, you’ll need to get your hardware checked.
  2. This method will only help you check the functionality of the graphics card. Remove the graphics card from the laptop, insert it into some other PC or laptop. Suppose it works fine, well, and sounds. Otherwise, you know what you need to do.
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How Can I Fix A Broken Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

Now let’s come back to the main point. Your screen has a crack, and you need to fix it. I get it. But let me get one thing straight, you can fix the crack only for the time being and not permanently. The only permanent solution to fix a cracked screen is by replacing it. 

Anyway, minor cracks can be fixed with many market-available liquid adhesives used to improve optical panels. Some other options include plastic bags, sandpaper, or baking soda application on the crack. But then again, this is only a temporary solution.

Required Tools to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen

Following are a few basic things that you’ll need to fix the laptop screen:

  • Convenient workplace
  • Sharp tools such as safety pins, needles, or standard pins
  • A small empty container 
  • A small screwdriver

How to Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen At Home?

Once you have all the necessary tools at hand, follow these steps and carefully fix your laptop screen on your own.

  1. Switch off the power supply to the laptop. Remove the battery as well. However, make sure that the battery is charged before you remove it. 
  2. Have a close look at the laptop’s screen; you’ll see small screws around the corners of the screen. If you cannot find the screws, look for small stickers or tiny bumps on the side bezel of your screen. 
  3. Once you locate those protrusions or stickers, take a small pin or needle and insert it in them and remove the covering carefully to expose the screws beneath. 
  4. Now that the screws are visible to you, take the screwdriver and unscrew each of them one by one. Do not misplace the screws and set them aside in a container.
  5. Now is the time for you to carefully separate and pull out the screen from the plastic bezel. It would be best to be extra cautious while removing the cracked screen from the metal casing inside. 
  6. Remove the power link and video link wires and finally set the cracked screen aside. 
  7. Now take the new screen and carefully place it inside the metal casing. Correctly set the screen into the bezel, connect the wires, and proceed with tightening the screws in place.
  8. Once you’re done with all the procedures, put the battery back inside. Switch on the laptop and check if the display is working correctly. 


Fixing a cracked laptop screen by yourself saves not only your money but also valuable time. Instead of taking it to the mechanic who might take days or weeks to fix it, why not repair it on your own within a few hours only. Carefully follow all the steps mentioned above, and you’ll have a perfectly functional display laptop screen back to its former glory.

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