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The All new sonos one Review

Sonos One speaker reviews

So smart speakers are a thing and it’s only just begun, there’s a whole new competetion going on that you’re probably not even aware that you’re a part of the.

What started as a cool feature on the phones is quickly becoming eco systems for the house. If you don’t want to get locked into any one ecosystem, sonos might have a solution for you.

Starting with their play one speaker which has Alexa built in now but there’s promises for more functionality coming to include the Google assistant and even airplay.

Sonos one is the first smart speaker from the company that started multi-room audio.  It’s a solo speaker so we expect it to sound great and work great with their easy-to-use eco system.

Moreover, it also supports alexa straight out of the box although we also expect it will support Google assistant. So perhaps the first smart speaker that connects to multiple AI’s and sonos says that like all the products they make it’s easier to use than those other products.

So let’s check it out and see if it delivers on that promise.

Sonos One speaker reviews

Sonos One is one of our favourite multi room wireless speakers. On the Sonos one, you have touch capacitive keys along with a microphone array on the top on the back. Besides, there is no threaded insert on the Sonos one which means it’s not really going to be a speaker that you can mount very easily.

Furthermore, the speaker is surrounded by a matte black grille also available in matte white for a plastic stripe. Also, down the back, you have a little connector button and an Ethernet jack. 

so to set up the system, you need the Sonos app and the Amazon Alexa app and if you haven’t already signed up for an Amazon account. You’ll want to get that done ahead of time.

Open the Sonos app and it’s going to discover the speakers automatically and you’ll be off to the races, from there you can add music services like Amazon Prime music or Plex, soundcloud, Apple music or Spotify.

You can also enable the voice services which is going to have you sign in to your sonos account and then it’ll bounce you over to the Alexa app to set up the Sonos skill. Also, if you already own sonos speakers, you can control them with Alexa simply by enabling the skill and app. 

Moreover, if you’ve used Amazon’s digital assistant before then you already have a feel for what you can do with the speaker. You can also just tell it to play music. With the sonos system, Alexa’s abilities are expanded so that you can play music in all rooms of your house. 

Sonos One speaker reviews

What's in the box ?

So everything that comes in the box is very simple and straightforward

  •  A power cord
  • The speaker itself
  • The Sonos setup information for the Sonos app
  • The Sonos Guide which help you get started with connecting the speaker to your Alexa app

Sonos one sounds exactly like the Sonos play 1, it’s got a big clear sound. In fact you put two of these in a room and that’s really all you’re going to need. This speaker isn’t completely waterproof, it is humidity resistant. It means  that you can put it in the bathroom as long as you have a safe outlet to plug it into.

This is a Wi-Fi home speaker not a portable one, it sticks to the minimal design that most Sonos products have. Thus whether you keep this on your bookshelf kitchen counter or in the bathroom, it will bgive you amazing sound.